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Activity of the company is focused on providing services to the agricultural markets by means of implementation of transport-forwarding services in transportation of grain crops from Kazakhstan to the ports of Russia and Baltic via railway in grain carriers.

To prove client-oriented approach the BGH company introduces modern logistic technologies that allow the company to provide ensured delivery deadlines and safety of cargo.

The BGH company is focused on creation of the long-term and mutually beneficial relations with all its partners.

Every client can be confident that the „BalticGrainHouse”company will provide:

  • competitive, reliable, timely services at modern level
  • accurate fulmilment of contract obligations
  • attentive service and individual approach
  • optimal cost and beneficial tariffs for cargo transportation and related services

zerno10The target of BGH company is to become the effective participant of the grain market and to take active part in infrastructure enhancement, including construction of linear and port elevators, modern, highly technological equipment introduction for grain preliminary processing, storage and transfer that will become the basis for a new level of port transfer development and effective export.

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